new roof old roof and in between


new roof old roof and in between

Engagin In Roof Repairs

Many homeowners are reluctant to do roof repair by themselves. However, you still need to determine what job needs done before your roof becomes a major problem. This way you’ll be somewhat knowledgeable whenever you’re talking to roofing companies.

Young Roofs

Whenever you have relatively young roofing it may have been damaged by wind or it could have been improperly designed. Winds of over 50 MPH can lift shingles, loosen fasteners and pull adhesive loose. If it’s improper design that’s your problem, then you’re definitely going to need roofing Houston companies to come in and handle the problem for you.

Old Roofs

Roofing HoustonNormal weathering does occur with roofs. In this case you will need to perform a certain amount of maintenance to ensure that your roof is kept in proper condition, otherwise your roofing materials may deteriorate and moisture and dirt will then be able to find their way into your home. Those homes that receive a lot of hailstorms or industrial pollution or are located near the ocean are more likely to have their roofs deteriorate faster.

Engaging In Roof Repairs

Whenever you go to repair your roof you’ll have to make sure that you have decent weather. If the weather isn’t cooperating you’ll have to use buckets to protect your home’s interior until the weather does cooperate. Sometimes when you look at the problem you will determine that you’re not prepared to handle it yourself. It’s at these times that you’ll want to wait until you can find a contractor to do the work for you. This is also true if you’re unable to locate the damaged area yourself. Here, it may be a matter of the flashing (a waterproof joint located where the roof changes elevation) being the issue, which shouldn’t be surprising considering that this is a common weak point with roofs.


Regardless as to what type of roof repair you may need you’ll have to have your damaged shingles removed. Only then will you be able to see the true damage that exists. Sometimes the damage will be so severe that you will also need to remove the roofing felt so that the decking structure can be repaired. This is why it’s a good idea to have roofing companies come in and do the work for you.